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CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION AT PSO SLIDE 1 Title: - Topic - Supervisor: Mr. Azhar Hameed - Presented By: Aamir Feroz Shamsi SLIDE 2 TO BE DISCUSSED: - Research Objective - Framework - Methodology - Hypothesis Testing - Johansen’s co-integration Test - Conclusion SLIDE 3 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: - To study the role of four change elements; leadership, Communication, Participation and Empathy on cultural transformation at PSO
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Unformatted text preview: SLIDE 4 FRAMEWORK:-Scope-Significance SLIDE 5 METHODOLOGY:-Literature Survey-Questionnaire Designing -Data collection-Sample size-Statistical Analysis SLIDE 6 ECONOMETRIC MODLE:-The Model SLIDE 7 _ Table SLIDE 8 HYPOTHESES WITH RESULTS SLIDE 9 JOHANSEN TEST...
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