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Week 9 Capstone

Week 9 Capstone - promoting well health behavior can get...

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Week 9 Capstone       One of the most significant topics we covered in this course that I believe should be incorporated into health care policy is more access to mental illness treatment. With the wide variety of mental illnesses from depression to anxiety, eating disorders to sleep disorders; treatments are necessary to avoid complications. More money needs to be invested into research to provide more options for treatments. Many insurance companies do not cover a lengthy recovery plan, causing people to forgo treatments. Enabling hospitals and free-standing treatment facilities to treat more patients for a longer time for a smaller out-of-pocket expense would be ideal. Making room in the health care policy to focus on mental health is imperative. Another important concept that needs to come to the forefront of health care is health promotion. While everyone intends to remain healthy throughout their lives, that is hardly a reality. Everyone gets sick, and unfortunately some develop life-threatening illnesses. But
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Unformatted text preview: promoting well health behavior can get more people into the doctor and staying healthier. Money should be allotted to produce brochures, commercials, radio ads, and billboards focusing on healthy behavior, such as quitting smoking and getting screened for diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment are so valuable to improving quality of life, so getting information out to the people can increase their chances of survival. Lastly, the topic of pain management must be mentioned. Putting more funding into different ways of helping patients deal with chronic pain would ease their out-of-pocket expense. Many conditions leave patients with excruciating pain. Conditions such as cancer, chronic headaches, and arthritis leave sufferers at their wits end. Procedures such as biofeedback and cognitive behavior methods can relieve their pain. If more Americans could afford such procedures, they would be able to improve their quality of life dramatically....
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Week 9 Capstone - promoting well health behavior can get...

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