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Ch. Titles 1. Introduction. 2. An Introduction to Linear Programming. 3. Linear Programming: Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution. 4. Linear Programming Applications in Marketing, Finance, and Operations Management. 5. Advanced Linear Programming Applications. 6. Distribution and Network Models. 7. Integer Programming. 8. Nonlinear Optimization Models. 9. Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Inventory Models. 11. Waiting Line Models. 12. Simulation. 13. Decision Analysis. 14. Multicriteria Decisions. 15. Forecasting. 16. Markov Processes. On the Student CD: 17. Linear Programming: Simplex Method. 18. Simplex-Based Sensitivity Analysis and Duality. 19. Solution Procedures for Transportation and Assignment Problems. 20. Minimal Spanning Tree Algorithm. 21. Dynamic Programming....
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