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Chapter notes - Chapter 4 Social Cognition Social Cognition...

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Chapter 4 – Social Cognition Social Cognition: Process of perception and judgment with which we make sense of our social world - There are usually many different ways in which we can interpret an event which means there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes First Impressions - First impressions are the source of our lasting evaluations of a person - In one study the first impressions students made continued to influence their judgments of the person nine weeks later - However, first impressions are usually done quick which does not allow for full evaluations o It takes 39 seconds to determine if someone is mad - We are able to make such quick judgments because we attempt to fit everyone into stereotyped categories o The stereotypes of the group to which we have classified the person are usually automatic and beyond our control - Primacy Effect: The tendency for the first information we receive about others to take precedent - These quick judgments and categorizations influence all subsequent information obtained or what information we seek out - Confirmation Bias: The tendency to seek out information that confirms what we already believe and ignore information that proves us wrong - All of the above mentioned may lead us to hold incorrect information but we may also be overconfident in our beliefs about others - Overall, first impressions are important because: o They direct our attention towards certain types of information o They influence the interpretation of new information - These existing beliefs can could our judgment through the rest of our relationships, in in a
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Chapter notes - Chapter 4 Social Cognition Social Cognition...

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