Business Law FINAL EXAM - 1 Week 6 Negotiable Instruments...

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Week 6: Negotiable Instruments and Government Regulation - Final Exam Help Time Remaining: 1. Except as provided by statute, oral contracts are just as enforceable as written contracts. (Points: 5) True False 2. Full performance is the most common method by which contracts are discharged. (Points: 5) True False 3. One of the elements necessary to establish fraud is a false statement or concealment of a material fact. (Points: 5) True False 4. The UCC requires all parties entering a sales contract to perform their obligations in good faith. (Points: 5) True False 5. The term goods includes intangible personal property such as shares of stock. (Points: 5) True False 6. A check is an instrument that is payable on demand. (Points: 5) True False 7. Gambling is a legal form of playing for stakes, such as in a lottery. (Points: 5) True False 1
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8. The parol evidence rule states that terms of a written contract can be changed by prior oral or written agreements. (Points: 5) True False 9. If the subject matter essential to the performance of the contract is destroyed through no fault of either party, the contract is considered discharged. (Points: 5) True False 10. When money damages do not adequately and fairly compensate for a loss, the injured party can sue for specific performance or request a court to issue an injunction. (Points: 5) True False 11. In seeking damages, the victim of a breach of contract has a duty to (Points: 5) Increase the amount of the damages
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Business Law FINAL EXAM - 1 Week 6 Negotiable Instruments...

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