Project 2 - those kids thrive as they grow up. As you know...

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Ford Kirkland Professor Warren ENC 3240 Technical Writing 15 March 2011 Word Count Context Notes: 1. The four-part strategy is “buffer, reasons, bad news, and positive closing.” 2. I followed the four part strategy so that I could deliver rejection news to my client in the nicest possible way. Nobody likes to hand out or receive bad news. That is why it is good to be polite and caring when you have to hand it out. ITH Corp 100 Northview Rd. Birmingham, AL 35804 March 15, 2011 Mr. Herbert Crawford Crawford's Best Hamburgers 5533 Southlake Blvd. Birmingham, AL 25226 Dear Mr. Crawford Thank you for your application to the “We can Help” Committee. We appreciate all that you are doing to help point our youth in the right direction for their future. We all look forward to seeing
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Unformatted text preview: those kids thrive as they grow up. As you know we are limited in grants that we can provide this year. Unfortunately our We can Help Committee has made its decision and chose the competing group for the grant. We invite you to apply again next year and wish you the best of luck. After reading your letter the committee realized how much this money meant to you. Therefore, we decided that we would like to offer our help to plan a fundraiser to support your cause. The office number is 999-999-9999 if you would like to speak to someone. Please let us know if you are interested. Sincerely, Ford Kirkland, Coordinator...
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Project 2 - those kids thrive as they grow up. As you know...

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