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research paper - Physics 310 1 Physics 310 Research Paper...

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Physics 310 1 Physics 310 Research Paper William Zacharias 4/18/2010
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Physics 310 2 Ever since mankind began to look at the sky, there were questions. Where does the sun go? Does the earth rotate around the sun or does the sun rotate around the earth? Why do the seasons change? Why does that apple fall to the earth? And, in taking physics 310 I began to have a better understanding of what physics entails. I have a good understanding of physics and the concepts behind it, but I always feel that there is something more to learn. My previous experience with physics was in constructional engineering which dealt a lot with vectors quantities. In week one and two, we discussed the difference in speed and velocity. Kinematics is used to describe motion in terms of position, velocity, and acceleration. Speed has motion only, it is used to measure how fast or slow an object is going and it is scalar. Velocity is a vector quantity; it has a direction of motion. It’s the displacement , ∆r , a vector quantity, which tells us not only the distance traveled by a moving object, but also the direction of motion. (Knight 2008) When velocity needs to be measured over a period of time; it is call average velocity, displacement over elapsed time, ∆s ∆t . This is much different than average speed, which is distance traveled over elapsed time. The change in displacement or the final position could be zero even though a great distance could have been traveled. Velocity is also measured
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research paper - Physics 310 1 Physics 310 Research Paper...

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