Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Management the process used to...

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Chapter 7 Management –the process used to accomplish organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading and controlling people and other organizational resources New management approaches –why? A. Global Competition B. Technological Changes 1. Increased productivity 2. Requires new skills C. Customer Expectations D. Better Educated Employees 1. The rise of the Knowledge Workers E. Managers No longer just boss Different Management Skills are emphasized at different levels A. Technical Skills: specific jobs knowledge, field of expertise 1. Needed especially by first-line and middle managers B. Human Relations/ Team skills: communication and motivation –enables managers to work through and with people 1. Needed by managers at all levels C. Conceptual Skills: seeing the “big picture” and the relationship between the various parts of the company 1. For top managers Management Functions: What every manager does 1. P.O.C.D. –Applies on a continuous basis as well as on any specific project A. Planning and Decision Making –vision, goal, objectives –includes anticipating trends and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve organizational goals and objectives 1. Starts with a statement of vision and mission b. Mission – a statement of the firm’s self-concept and philosophy i. An outline of he fundamental purpose of an organization ii. Becomes the foundation for setting specific goals and objectives 2. Determine (the communicate) goals and objectives a. Long term goals: Overall purpose –what you want ot achieve b. Short-term objectives: specific milestones 3. SWOT analysis –used to analyze an organization’s strength’s weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a. Opportunities and threats are often external to the firm and cannot always be anticipated b. Weaknesses and strengths are more often internal and therefore more within reach of being measured and fixed 4. Types of planning
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a. Strategic –the process of determining the major goals of the organization and the policies and strategies for obtaining and using
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Management the process used to...

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