assignment 3 - Rhein 1 Sarah Rhein PSY 231 Dr. Spangler...

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Rhein 1 Sarah Rhein PSY 231 Dr. Spangler April 6, 2010 Aging Stereotypes Ageism is a stereotyping phenomenon that has been around for probably as long as someone was older than someone else. We as humans make social comparisons to one another as we grow up and mature. This comparing is the source of the stereotypes that elderly have. The elderly are constantly being compared to the young in the media. They are being compared to their former selves. Everyone is aware of the stereotypes, but might be unaware of how it affects the stereotype victims. Some stereotypes work to the advantage of the elderly, like the assumption that because they are older they are wiser or the unrealistic depiction of older people as being very nice and caring. “When started out years ago, I remember that too many people were telling me, "Listen, kid, I've been in the business for 25 years, and therefore I know." Just because we've been working longer doesn't mean we're necessarily wiser or more intuitive” ("How Does Hollywood Handle Ageism?"). A quote from Daniel Petrie, a veteran in Hollywood, describes the first stereotype of the aged population so well. Many businesses are run with superiority (years committed to company) in mind and typically it is up to those with experience to lead, meaning the elderly with worlds of experience. You see it everywhere, from Yoda to the wise old karate master in the movies; older people are depicted as those with wisdom and a lifetime of intelligence. This gives older people power and influence. This fact makes younger people more intimidated to use
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assignment 3 - Rhein 1 Sarah Rhein PSY 231 Dr. Spangler...

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