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PSY 430 reflection paper - 1 Sarah Rhein PSY 430 February...

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1 Sarah Rhein PSY 430 February 9, 2011 Reflection Paper #1 It is not necessary to understand what morality is as a concept to act in a moral fashion. Many factors affect moral behavior and these factors begin shape a child’s moral behavior at an extremely early age. Morality is influenced by moral cognition and empathy. A person’s moral cognition is that person’s understanding of right versus wrong and their ability to take and internalize perceptions of situations. Having empathy is being able to apply a person’s moral cognition to multiple situations and people. Empathy means being able to put oneself into another shoes per se. Morality, in general, is shaped by experiences and can change over time. The two factors that make up morality are also made up of multiple parts and experiences, which happen at different times in a person’s life. Therefore, it is completely possible to act in a moral fashion without understanding completely what it is to act morally. Moral cognition can be related to parent-infant synchrony, imitation, and the combinations of Lawrence Kohlberg's and Carol Gilligan's pre-conventional and conventional stages of moral development. Moral cognition is made up of the basic parts of the moral self. These parts are the lessons learned and the vital experiences to base decisions off of. Parent- infant synchrony is a process by which a child mimics the emotional reactions of their parent. It is a way for infants and children to form an understanding of an appropriate reaction to situations and events (Feldman, 2007). Imitation is physically acting the way that someone of influence acts. Imitation gives a child an understanding of “one’s own intentions and [an] understanding of
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PSY 430 reflection paper - 1 Sarah Rhein PSY 430 February...

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