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PSY 430 reflection 3 - Sarah Rhein PSY 430 Dr. Evans...

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Sarah Rhein PSY 430 Dr. Evans Reflection Paper #3 Reflection Paper #3: In regard to the attention paid to the religious and cultural/national factors of the sample from the Carlo et. al., paper, think about the following: Is morality (in impulse, thought, and behavior) universal, or does it rely on specific cultural assumptions? If you think it relies on specific cultural assumptions, discuss potential difficulties with resolving moral disputes across cultural boundaries. Morality is derived from cultural assumptions. Everything that influences our lives and all of the experiences that we have depends on one’s culture and influences our empathy and understanding of others. Morality affects the way we judge ourselves and others. Impulsive decisions are, obviously, made automatically without our thinking about what is right and wrong. For example, stereotyping to most people would be morally wrong. However, at an impulsive level we all subconsciously do it. When you think about it, it takes less than a second to analyze a person and categorize them into groups that exist in our minds based on your experiences and the cultural influences in our lives. Our thought process helps people overcome our initial impulsive opinions and choose right from wrong. Again, the basis of our decision would be our upbringing and cultural opinion. From a behavioral standpoint, morality constitutes the action and can either be based on impulse or thought. If given a chance to think about what
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PSY 430 reflection 3 - Sarah Rhein PSY 430 Dr. Evans...

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