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BIRTH NOTES Unsuccessful pregnancy/birth -occurs when fetus is nonviable or environment in utero is not conductive to life A. Chemical pregnancy -most common form HCG levels are signs of pregnancy A. Miscarriage -spontaneous expulsion of fetus i. Most common in the first trimester ii. Occurs for internal or external reasons A. Stillbirth -from week 20 on i. Not expelled ii. Only way to get it out is by birthing it iii. Can also occur for internal and external reasons iv. Least common type Needs of a Newborn A. Bonding -connection between parents and newborn (both mother and father) i. Makes investment easier ii. Production of oxytocin in mother -responsible for promoting feelings of warmth, love, and nurturing 1. Increased levels happen: a. During labor b. During breastfeeding c. Cute cuddling animals d. During orgasm e. Eating chocolate 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Reinforces these actions 3. It is a signal that this is good 4. Connected to lactation A. Maternal attention -connection and reassurance i. Newborns know their mother by sense of smell ii. World is unfamiliar 1. Monkey surrogate mothers A. Cultural differences in care for a newborn i. Individual vs. collectivist approaches 1. "It takes a village" ii. Customs and traditions 1. Beliefs about who children are 2. Beliefs about children's abilities and knowledge iii. Differences within the culture 1. "Everyone has their own ideas about how to raise children, and everyone else's ideas are bad" a. Examples of child-raising disputes in our culture i. Spanking child ii. Breastfeeding -length of time, public or private iii. Childcare iv. Coddling vs. tough love v. Vaccination...
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