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Christina Zinkel When the discussion of partnership comes up, it is in relation to various levels of society. So it seems that the definition of society is a partnership of the many as opposed to the pure living arrangements of a civilization. The levels may include the household all the way up to the government of the city discussed while the level of partnership may be of various levels as well. The ideal attainment of a functioning partnership is necessary for society to progress. Partnership in a sense may be viewed as what is common. When the people share their most prized possessions, they then to be happier with what they have and with having even more. One of the items often held in highest esteem is that of family and more particularly women and children. As the sharing of such treasures turns to common ground the society may be happier but may also become jealous. It is not hard to distinguish ones kind as well as maintaining ones significant other despite such a ruling contrary. Unity is the better than the form of partnership referring to commons. When a society is unified
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