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Christina Zinkel TE 302 10 April 2010 Push Personal Literature Response Paper Overall the pervading theme of the book was rape and the aftermath especially with regards to incest. Her vivid descriptions of her experiences helped to really put in perspective the feelings of these victims. I have never had any experiences which are similar to hers in the slightest. I have never been beaten by my parents or abused in any way. My main connection to this text spurred from the feelings I had of not being able to tell anyone how you are feeling inside. She is ashamed of the fact that she cannot read and never mentions that to teachers. She also remains silent about all of the abuse that occurred throughout her life because she was too scared of what could happen if she told anyone. My whole life I felt like I was alone and just wanted to die because I thought I was the only person with homosexual thoughts. The depression she felt at times, being alone and fear of acknowledging your feelings is something I dealt with for years. I have not been abused but there is a lot beneath the surface of the students we are
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TE302.zinkel.personal.doc - Christina Zinkel TE 302 10...

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