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TE302.zinkel.thinking - Christina Zinkel 1 Why are you...

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Christina Zinkel 1. Why are you interested in becoming a teacher? All of my life I have enjoyed enabling people to do or think things that they never have before. As a kid I used to teach my siblings everything I could and play teacher every second. I think that teaching should be fun and help kids to grow as much as possible. 2. What will you do to introduce yourself to your students (let them know you)? I tend to come off as a very strict and put together person so I would start off letting them think that about me. I told my high school kids during a summer camp about all of the things I liked to do when I was there age and found common ground with them. Eventually the kids got to know that I am a very laidback easy going person who likes to get things done but have fun too. 3. How do you imagine teacher-student relationships in your classroom? I feel like I can relate to most people on some level. I think that relating what is going on in my life to what they are interested in and being as open as possible will help to build strong
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