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TE 302 slavery project - Far away in darkness hurled This a...

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John Harris 'The Fall of Slavery' (1838) Musing by a mossy fountain, In the blossom month of May, Saw I coming down a mountain An old man whose locks were grey; And the flowery valleys echoed, As he sang his earnest lay. "Prayer is heard, the chain is riven, Shout it over land and sea; Slavery from earth is driven, And the manacled are free; Brotherhood in all the nations; What a glorious Jubilee! "God has answered, fall before Him, Laud His majesty and might; On thy knees, O earth, adore Him: Now the black is as the white; Hallelujah! hallelujah! Every bondsman free as light. "Whip and scourge, and fetter broken,
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Unformatted text preview: Far away in darkness hurled; This a grand and glorious token, When millennium fills the world. Hallelujah! O'er the nations Freedom's snowy flag unfurled. "God has answered! Glory, glory! O'er the green earth let it speed; Sun and stars take up the story, Nevermore a slave shall bleed; Shout deliverance for the freeman, Send him succour in his need. Glory be to God the Giver. Slavery now shall brand no more; From the fountain to the river Freedom breathes on every shore. Hellelujah! Hallelujah! Brotherhood the wide world o'er."...
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