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Christina Zinkel TE 150 4/2/08 1. The six flags commercial is eye catching because it shows people working hard and doing chores. Then out of nowhere comes a bus and out comes this funny looking old man dancing. The commercial is memorable because of the music used and the exaggeration of the characters. 2. The skittles commercial where they have a skittles leak seems very silly and unrealistic while leaving the viewer wondering how to solve the problem. Then the repair man drills two hand bars to the spot so that they can let a little man hang there, catching and eating
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Unformatted text preview: the falling skittles. This commercial also promotes the skittles slogan catch the rainbow, taste the rainbow. 3. The Folger’s commercial shows people greatly enjoying getting up in the morning because they get to use this product. It is also very catchy because the slogan is sung over and over while enhancing the scenes displayed by typical people indulging in everyday pleasures with this coffee....
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