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LBGT Students in the United States Public School System I wish to research what public schools are doing to help meet the needs of LBGT identified students. I will also research how the climate for these students has hopefully changed in the last few years and the techniques used to aid in this transition. Since this type of cultural diversity has just recently become acknowledged and the need for protection of these students somewhat enforced, I feel like this topic will tie in greatly with the course material. Some of the questions I will pose will pertain to hate crimes, teacher opinions, and student success rate. Since there are two sides to this issue there will be much
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Unformatted text preview: research to support each view point. The main goal of this paper will be to show the effects of the more than likely morally destructive system on the students, however. Because support for these students is still even in question today, there does not appear to be much research on the topic. Therefore, I will contact the LBGT resource center at MSU as well as the GBLT Safe Schools group on campus for better information. Organizations like GLSEN will also be a great source of information since they are dedicated strictly to this topic....
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