ISB 202 9-30-08 - ISB 202 9-30-08 Nucleotides join together...

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Unformatted text preview: ISB 202 9-30-08 Nucleotides join together in a certain order that is different for each of us How do we make proteins? We synthesize them from amino acids o How do we do this? The answer is Chromosomes and Genes Prokaryotes in the cytoplasm Eucaryotes- o What is DNA? Double helix molecule of deoxyribose nucleotides joined in a specific order. o Nucleotides can join in only certain ways o DNA helix forms because of bonding between bases o Chromosomes are strands of DNA would around some proteins called histones. Chromosomes come in pairs How many pairs in humans? 23 o But what are genes? The unit of heritance! Okay, but what does that mean? Aha! Its all about protein synthesis (next). Genes make proteins Proteins are central to life! o The shape of a protein determines what it can do. o Shape is determined by the sequence ( order) of the amino acids in a protein But, how do cells assemble proteins with the right amino acids in the proper order? o Genes are responsible o Where are genes found on Chromosomes in Eucaryotes o In the nucleus of most cells. Floating in cytoplasm of prokaryotes o In both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, a gene is one section of a chromosome that codes to make a specific protein o Genes vary in length depending on the protein...
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ISB 202 9-30-08 - ISB 202 9-30-08 Nucleotides join together...

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