ISB 202 10-7-08 - ISB 202 o o o o o o o o 10-7-08...

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ISB 202 10-7-08 o Multi-cell organisms begin as only one cell o That one cell divides again and again o during cell division and differentiation hormones tell the cells to use only come of their genes not other o Do all cells in an organism have identical chromosomes? o Yes!- all cells (of an organism) have identical genes…but cells use only part of their genes and only part of the time o Certain genes tell the other genes what to do! They’re celled regulator or master genes o So, when the protein isn’t needed, the regulator gee turns on, produces a repressor protein, and this happens: The repressor protein keeps the gene from being copied o There are two types of regulation: Promotion-some genes begin an activity ( positive) Repression- some genes stop activity (negative) o How do they do this? In some cases, it’s the presence or absence of something necessary inside the cell Some genes promote synthesis of hormones- hormones stimulate other genes to turn on or off o “Promotion” hormone examples: Somatotropin (pituitary) stimulates animal g
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ISB 202 10-7-08 - ISB 202 o o o o o o o o 10-7-08...

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