ISB 202 11-6-08 - ISB 202 Fungi o o o o o o o 11-6-08 One...

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ISB 202 11-6-08 Fungi o One problem is that one pathogen may infect several crops o The wheat “scab” disease causes root rot on maize o Farmers destroy the dead crop to help control the fungus o This scab disease of apples is not toxic o Food: Most people like to eat some too much and everyone must eat o Fungi play important roles o It is not the same organism that infects plants with the scab disease Kingdom- Plantae o 1. General info on plants: Likely came from green algae living near the edge of water bodies (what kingdom are algae?) About 300000 species known Provide us with many useful products- food clothing, shelter, medicines, biotech products, etc… Provide us with oxygen to breathe Prevent erosion on slopes Plants were largely responsible for development of societies and civilizations Storage of plant parts (e.g., seeds) allowed food for long-distance exploration by sea and land. (Cereals the first crops domesticated) Domestication of plants (and animals) allowed people to have more to eat and to be more productive in other ways. Plants furnish: **90% of the world’s calories and protein for humans **80% of
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ISB 202 11-6-08 - ISB 202 Fungi o o o o o o o 11-6-08 One...

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