IAH Unit II paper - The influence of the Enlightenment on...

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The influence of the Enlightenment on the French Revolution Christina Zinkel October 20, 2009 Question #1
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The French Revolution was one of the most influential and eye-opening governmental upheavals of all time . The changes resulting from the revolution , involved questions which no one had dared to ask before . The people were allowed to have a voice instead of following in the footsteps of their obedient ancestors . Where and when the revolution took place was because of Enlightenment concepts . Therefore , the Enlightenment was most certainly the main reason for the French Revolution because each of the factors leading up to it , were rooted in the ideals of greater societal norm inquisition . The basic concepts of the Enlightenment involved greater questioning and skepticism of everything . Hume argued that “if human understanding was based on sensory perception rather than on reason , then there could be no certainty in the universe . ” (The Enlightenment lecture) Each person could see everything different in the world and no one would be the wiser . It is impossible to set any object as certain because it is not possible to see inside the mind of one another . The people were taught to view everything as different for each person during this time , for the first time . Greater understanding of others and openness to new ideas , were key factors in the changes taking place during that time . Many philosophers took it upon themselves to describe why certain members of society should not be in power purely because of genetics . It is important to stop abuses of power and
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IAH Unit II paper - The influence of the Enlightenment on...

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