IAH Unit III paper

IAH Unit III paper - Colonial significance in World War I...

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Colonial significance in World War I Christina Zinkel November 12, 2009 Question #1
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World War I holds such great significance within history because it was a war involving the whole world . The major powers involved were the European empires composed of their homelands and colonies spread across all continents . Each European country within the conflict had colonies which provided various natural and labor resources necessary for extensive warfare . Limitations upon the resources available across these empires became the final determinant of the war . The Axis nations ran out of resources, despite the vast access with to them they began. Therefore, colonies were the reason for the Allied victory in World War I . “The sun never sets on the British Empire .” Britain had colonies on almost every continent so no matter where conflict took place, the empire could prepare for anything . The British Empire contained one fourth of the worlds’ population in 1921 . It is impossible for even the most powerful nations in the world to fight a quarter of the world . Hence, the odds were automatically placed against any opposition to British initiatives . (European Imperialism in Africa) Since there was such a variety in resources available to the British, the government had access to anything that could be needed during war times . One of their greatest resources was British India . This colony spread across the Asian continent including modern day Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and many more countries . It provided Britain with trade routes to China and exotic merchandise like spices . Having access to greater trade resources provided Britain with great access to capital and economic dominance on an international level . (Britain and India)
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IAH Unit III paper - Colonial significance in World War I...

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