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Kapitel9Uebersetzung1 - Element(Zeilen 1-57 Reiner Kunze 1...

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Element (Zeilen 1-57) Reiner Kunze 1 Michael put the Bible on his bookshelf in the apprentice dorm. Not because he is a believer, but rather because he finally wanted to read it once. The teacher, nevertheless, called his attention to the fact that the Bible had no business being on the bookshelf of a socialist dorm. Michael refused to take the Bible from the bookcase. Which apprentice dorm is not socialist? he asked, and because in a socialist state, every dorm is socialist, and the responsibilities of the church do not include educating certified chemical workers with secondary certification, he concluded that if the teacher proved correct, no one in a socialist state could become a certified chemical worker with secondary certificate who insists on being allowed to put a Bible on his bookshelf in the dorm. This logic, delivered behind the label/shield of the Lessing medal, which Michael had been awarded at the end of the tenth grade (average grade: A+), led him abruptly under the eyes of/into the presence of the director.
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