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Kapitel9Uebersetzung - Teil 2

Kapitel9Uebersetzung - Teil 2 - Element Rainer Kunze 3 With...

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Element Rainer Kunze 3 With the topographical image of the Tatra peak in his head and the mountain climbing shoes on his feet, Michael set out for the Baltic Sea. Since it would not have been convenient for him to hitchhike from Z, he took the train to K. On the platform of K, which he entered with a shouldered guitar, a patrol demanded that he prove his identity. “Aha,” said the transport policeman, as he caught sight of the ID paper and ordered him to come along. He was handed over to two police officers, who brought him to the People’s Police district office. “Unpack everything!” He unpacked. “Pack up!” He packed up. “Sign!” For a second time, he signed the text, in which an I committed itself not to enter the capital during the world festivals. One let him go around midnight. The next morning, Michael had just set himself up on the side of the road to stop a car – a patrol car stopped unbidden in front of him. “Your ID, please!” A short time later, Michael again found himself at the People’s Police district office.
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