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Kapitel 8 Uebersetzung

Kapitel 8 Uebersetzung - If sharks were people Bertolt...

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If sharks were people Bertolt Brecht “If sharks were people,” the little daughter of his landlady asked Mr. K, “would they be nicer to the little fish then?” “Certainly,” he said. “If sharks were people, they would have immense containers built in the sea for the little fishes with all kinds of food inside, both plants and animal matter. They would see to it that the containers would always have fresh water, and they would take all kinds of sanitary measures in general. If, for example, a little fish were to hurt its fin, a bandage would be made for it immediately so that the sharks should not be deprived of it by an untimely death. So that the little fish would not be gloomy, there would be great water festivals now and then; because happy fish taste better than gloomy ones. Of course, there would also be schools in the large containers. In these schools, the little fish would learn how one swims in the jaws of sharks.
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