Kapitel 11 Uebersetzung - Teil 2

Kapitel 11 Uebersetzung - Teil 2 - One day hes really here...

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One day he’s really here Günter de Bruyn Part 2 – Lines 58-140 My daughter overcomes this impression the fastest. Impatient, she still listens along as I tell of our last encounter, in ’44, the destroyed train station, [the] ban on leaving the train, ten minute stop, he with many others in the door of the cattle car, crowded, the mothers in front, a whistle, waving, crying, then she impatiently asks her uncle how he was capable of leaving his mother and brother for twenty-two years without word, and I am afraid that he will now himself question the reality of his homecoming through insecurity and inexact memory, that he perhaps will even admit that he is not Karlheinz. But he immediately begins to narrate, surely and exactly, and everything agrees with that which we already know: Saint-Nazaire, at his back already the motor noise of the American tanks, he says to his driver, we’ll strike a private peace, they get out, run up to the Allied forces, a hedge suddenly separates them forever. Yes, that’s true, we already knew that – in ’47, the driver came back and visited us. But then? What happened then? We’re all sitting around the kitchen table, he across from me, stuffing his pipe with fantastic smelling tobacco, a special blend. He doesn’t smoke any factory-made blends.
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Kapitel 11 Uebersetzung - Teil 2 - One day hes really here...

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