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Operations Management_9e_by William J. Stevenson

Operations Management_9e_by William J. Stevenson - t a...

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Sheet1 Page 1 There has been an update to the Instructor's CD. "Instructor's Manual, Chapter 4 Solutions has been loaded here Instructor's Manual, Chapter 4 Solutions Chapter 4 Solutions (129.0K) Instructors Resource CD Instructor Excel Templates Chapter 8S-Transportation method- Example 1 Tab..° solve± returns an error. This problem is caused when the Solve button tries to run the Solver Add-in on a new version of Excel (Microsoft keeps movin 1. First, before you get the error, Solver.xla must be active (i.e. show up on Data Ribbon). If Solver does not appear in the Da
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Unformatted text preview: t a Press Office button (upper left-hand corner of screen) Select Excel Options (lower right-hand corner of dialog box) Select Add-Ins (right pane of dialog box) Select Manage Excel Add-ins: Go (bottom of dialog box) Check Solver Add-In and press OK 2. Then, press the Solve button to get the error ‡ Compile error: Can± t find project or library± (note: the message takes you t o Press OK In the main menu press Run then press Reset Press Tools then press References Un-Check MISSING: Solver.xla Check Solver...
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