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Lecture Suggestions - Chapter 5 Example 3: Breakeven analysis 1. Select the Example 3 worksheet. 2. Data: Fixed Cost = 6000 Revenue per unit = 7 Variable cost per unit = 2 3. the starting point and step size for the x-axis in order to view the breakeven point (where the cost and revenue lines cross). 4. is the point where the cost and revenue lines cross and the profit line crossed the x-axis. 5. indicated on the graph.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. You may want to demonstrate adjusting the graph settings (upper right hand corner) by entering Part a: the template computes the breakeven point at V = 1,200. Point out on the graph that Part b: enter the volume V = 1000 and note that the profit P = -1,000, also note that this point is Part c : enter ∆ V = 100 and use the spinner button to change V until profit P = 4,000 at V = 2000....
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