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chapter07s_ls - To value 276(the desired time for the third...

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Lecture Suggestions - Supplement to Chapter 7 Example 3: Learning Curves 1. 2. Enter the following data: Learning curve percent = 80% (given in example 2) Time for first unit = 400 (this is an estimate from example 2) Unit number = 3 (enter in Unit Number column) 3. Use the Tools / Goal Seek command Set cell: C9 (the time for unit 3)
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Unformatted text preview: To value: 276 (the desired time for the third unit) By changing cell: E5 (the time for first unit) Goal Seek will calculate Time for first unit = 393.10 Select the Example 3 worksheet , delete all data. Use Goal Seek to set time for first unit if time for third unit is 276....
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