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Lecture Suggestions - Chapter 10 1. the data to demonstrate the entire solution. To clear the data, press Clear button and confirm with ok. 2. bottom of the template (enter under the heading "Mean" and to the right of the Sample numbers 1-5). 3. means are graphed on the chart to the right. 4. a. Average of sample means = 12.11 (as calculated) b. Process standard deviation = .02 (given) c. Sample size = 4 (given) d. z = 3 (number of standard deviations) 5. to the right. Note that all the sample means are well within 3-sigma control limits. 6. z, and watching the upper and lower limits on the chart. 7. Solution: a. Select the command Tools / Goal seek b. Set cell: D10 c. To value: 12.095 d. By changing cell: D6 Goal Seek will "solve for" z=1.5, i.e. the control limits 12.095 and 12.125 are 1.5 standard deviations
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Unformatted text preview: Example 1: Mean Control Chart ( σ known) Select the Example 1 worksheet , and although the data has been entered, you may want to clear Enter the five sample means (12.10, 12.12, 12.11, 12.10, and 12.12) in the Calculation table at the Point out that the template computes the average of sample means = 12.11, and the 5 sample Enter the following data in the table in the top middle of the template: Point out that the upper and lower control limits are calculated and also graphed on the chart Demonstrate the effect of changing z by entering .1 for ∆ z, pressing the spinner button beside Goal Seek example: what z value would correspond to control limits from 12.095 to 12.125? below and above 12.11, with standard deviation = .02 / √ 4 = .01....
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