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chapter12_ls - Lecture Suggestions Chapter 12 Example 1 ABC...

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Lecture Suggestions - Chapter 12 Example 1: ABC Classification System 1. Select the Example 1 worksheet 2. although the 12 items for his example are in order according to dollar value, this is not necessary, the items can be entered in any order. 3. Delete the values for A and B. 4. up one time, you should have A = 42,000 and B=18,000. 5. A and B are the lower limits for the A and B classifications and as you click a spinner button the value for A or B will change to the next higher (or lower) dollar value in the table. At the same time all the items are classified according to the current values for A and B. 6. Now scroll back up so you can watch the graph and the table at the top of the template and low volume in classification A and low value, high volume in classification C. Example 18: Single Period Model 1. Select the Example 18 worksheet 2. 3. 4. 5. Poisson distribution) to be .0183, i.e. 18% of the time there will be a demand of zero.
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