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General Instructions Software Requirements These templates are written for Excel 2003, the templates can be used with earlier versions of Excel with a few features disabled. Display Resolution These templates were created for a display resolution setting of 1024 x 768 pixels but can be used with other settings. Use View/Zoom in Excel to fit a template to the screen size for a different resolution. Setting Macro Security Most templates contain macro instructions, to run these macro instructions, you must set macro security medium (use the command Tools/Macro/Security/Medium in Excel). Using the Templates The templates are contained in Excel workbooks, one workbook for each chapter or chapter supplement (e.g. Chap8S.xlt contains the templates for the Supplement to Chapter 8). To use a specific template, open the workbook for the appropriate chapter and select the template in the index (first worksheet) or on the worksheet tab (at the bottom of the Excel screen). Entering Data Enter data only in cells which are shaded like the cell to the right. Input Area You can enter formulas and cell references with an equal sign (e.g. =5*.243/12 or =H3) and you can link a template with another worksheet by using a cell reference to the other worksheet (e.g. =Sheet1!H3). Deleting Data To remove data from shaded cells, select the cell(s) and press delete, do not enter a space or zero because many templates will distinguish between a blank cell and a cell containing the space character or zero. Many templates have a Clear button which will delete all input data. Copy/Pasting Data When you copy data and paste it into the input (i.e. shaded) area of a template, you should use You can copy any part (i.e. data or results) or all of a template and paste it into another worksheet. Programmed Buttons Programmed buttons (see right) will allow you to clear the data from a template or to solve the current problem entered in a template - just press it. Spinner buttons allow convenient incrementing of certain parameters and x = 50 may appear without a variable increment (see right) or with a variable increment (see right below). Pressing the spinner button will increment or x = 15.1 0.1 your desired value for a variable increment - try it out. You may also enter data into the parameter (x in these examples) directly without using the spinner button. Paste Special Values to avoid changing the formatting in the template. decrement the parameter ( x in both examples) either by a fixed amount or by a variable amount ( x = .1 in the second example). You must enter x = Command
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After pressing a programmed button, you may have to select any cell in the worksheet to re-activate the worksheet (check it out on one of the buttons above). Notes:
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excel_lecture_scripts_info - General Instructions Software...

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