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Operations Management and the AACSB While AACSB Standards do “not require any specific courses in the curriculum” and charges individual schools with establishing their own mission and measuring their own performance against that mission, the normal curriculum process will result in management-specific knowledge and skills including “ creation of value through the integrated production and distribution of goods, services, and information” The AACSB also recommends learning experiences in 6 specific areas. For the consideration of faculty, those areas are listed below, along with content or teaching tools within the Ninth Edition text which are supportive of each. Communication abilities. Operations Management 9 th edition includes Discussion and Review questions, Taking Stock questions, questions after most Readings, Operations Tours, and Cases all providing assignment opportunities for required writing. In addition, the Student DVD includes ‘memo writing exercises.’ Ethical Understanding and reasoning abilities While the concepts of Ethics is normally a bigger focus in courses on organizational design, general management, or strategy, ethics concepts are included in the 9 th edition, wherever appropriate, including an increased focus on topics such as recycling, consideration of environmental issues in manufacturing, and the primary consideration of human resources throughout. Quality gurus such as Crosby and Deming would argue that ‘maximizing’ an operations system requires maximization of customer satisfaction, and
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preface_instructors_manual - Operations Management and the...

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