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Negotiation Truck - 1 Individual buyers and sellers should...

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Negotiation - Buying a Pickup Truck This negotiation simulation involves the matching of personal needs between two parties. One party is interested in selling a 1994 Toyota pickup truck and perhaps buying a riding lawn mower. The potential truck buyer, who is a neighbor of the seller, just happens to have a riding mower available. Individuals will simulate playing the role of the buyer and the role of the seller. The group leader has additional information unique to the buyer and seller that will help each side prepare for the negotiation. Buyers and sellers can share as little or as much of the information with each other as they desire during the actual negotiation. The primary objective of this case is to get individuals accustomed to face-to-face discussions when parties have different and sometimes conflicting goals. Negotiation Session Assignment
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Individual buyers and sellers should prepare by detailing their primary reasons for entering the negotiation. 2. The buyer and seller, working individually, should identify a range in which they feel they could be satisfied for each issue in this negotiation. 3. Conduct the negotiation and record any agreement you reach. Additional Questions 4. What factors influence how much information each party is willing to share with the other party? 5. Are there times when a party should be absolutely unwilling to share information? 6. In a purchase negotiation between companies, what types of information do you think the parties are often willing to share? What types of information might they not be willing to share? 7. Is a negotiation between private individuals, such as this case, different from a negotiation between companies? Why or why not?...
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Negotiation Truck - 1 Individual buyers and sellers should...

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