Project Management A

Project Management A - A — 2 B — 3 C B 4 D A C 3 E B 8...

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Project Management—Supplier Quality Development Project Bill Weaver has been assigned to be the project manager for a supplier quality development project. During the planning and definition phase of the project, Bill and his team identify a preliminary set of activities, predecessor relationships, and expected times for each activity within the project. Given this set of project management data, please answer the questions below. Supplier Quality Development Project: Activity Predecessor Expected Time (Weeks)
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Unformatted text preview: A — 2 B — 3 C B 4 D A, C 3 E B 8 G D 6 H C, E, G 4 Assignment Questions 1. Draw the project network. 2. Identify all the paths through the network and their lengths. 3. Identify the critical path (i.e., the path with the longest time in the project). 4. Which path(s) has slack? How much slack? Which activities in that path have slack? 5. Does the network change as the project progresses? If so, how does it change? 6. What resources besides time must project managers manage?...
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Project Management A - A — 2 B — 3 C B 4 D A C 3 E B 8...

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