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Chapter 3 Final - TEST BANK Sourcing and Supply Chain...

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TEST BANK Sourcing and Supply Chain Management – 4th edition Handfield, Monczka, Giunipero, and Patterson Chapter 3 True or False 1. Although policies are usually documented in writing, unwritten or informal policies can also exist. a. True (p. 87) b. False 2. Policies defining the role of purchasing often serve as a general or broad policy statement from which more detailed or specific policies evolve. a. True (p. 89) b. False 3. The organization’s policy on contacts and visits to suppliers should address not only purchasing personnel but also other departments or functions that visitor contact suppliers. a. True (p. 92) b. False 4. Buyers do not need to consider a supplier’s ability to comply with environmental regulations as a condition for selection. a. True b. False (p. 97) 5. Although there is a trend toward less reliance on competitive bids and more on negotiated longer-term agreements, many contracts are still awarded through the competitive bid process. a. True (p. 99) b. False 6. Routine items available from many different sources are seldom purchased through competitive bidding. a. True b. False (p. 99) This edition is intended for use outside of the U.S. only, with content that may be different from the U.S. Edition. This may not be resold, copied, or distributed without the prior consent of the publisher.
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7. Organizations do not need to be cautious about liabilities associated with accepting and using ideas provided by suppliers interested in doing business with a buyer. a. True b. False (p. 99) 8. For organizations that routinely use or produce hazardous materials, failure to have a policy that outlines in detail the legal requirements and conditions for handling toxic waste is a federal offense. a. True (p. 101) b. False 9. A procedure is ineffective if it specifies too many steps to carry out or presents unnecessary detail. a. True (p. 104) b. False 10. It is only the supervisor’s responsibility, and not the employee’s, to ensure that the purchasing employee is familiar with and follows the procedures covering legal contracts.
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