Chapter 20 Final

Chapter 20 Final - TEST BANK Sourcing and Supply Chain...

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TEST BANK Sourcing and Supply Chain Management – 4th edition Handfield, Monczka, Giunipero, and Patterson Chapter 20 True or False 1. Overall, future purchasing and supply mission and goals will be narrower and less aligned with the strategic objectives of the firm. a. True b. False (p. 744) 2. Purchasing and supply will be expected to play a growing role in sustainability efforts of the firms. a. True (p. 745) b. False 3. Firms will become more strategic and place less importance on continuous improvement in purchase unit cost, quality, and delivery performance. a. True b. False (p. 745) 4. Time-related capabilities will drive the next generation of order winners in the eyes of the customer. a. True (p. 745) b. False 5. Competition is no longer between fast and agile and slow firms but rather between big and small firms. a. True b. False (p. 746) 6. Purchasing will play a lesser role in time-based competition because of its inability to affect time-related processes and activities. a. True b. False (p. 746) This edition is intended for use outside of the U.S. only, with content that may be different from the U.S. Edition. This may not be resold, copied, or distributed without the prior consent of the publisher.
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7. Perhaps the most obvious area where firms are concentrating their time-reduction efforts is during product and process development. a. True (p. 746) b. False 8. Companies are seeking suppliers with discrete capabilities that can add new types of value, and they are leveraging untapped competencies and knowledge already in the supply base for an existing category. a. True (p. 747) b. False 9. Companies will decreasingly use value-based sourcing approaches to evaluate how a supplier or group of suppliers may be utilized to gain competitive advantage for categories with high business impact. a.
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Chapter 20 Final - TEST BANK Sourcing and Supply Chain...

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