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< previous page page_2 next page > Page 2 salient features, is a novel one. It admits that organisations are too complex to understand using just one model, but this is just being realistic. It is the failure to admit this fact which causes difficulties for traditional management thinking, with each theorywhether it be scientific management, human relations or whicheverclaiming to provide a full account of what is important to the effectiveness and efficiency of organisations. In fact, management theories offer only partial visions of what organisations are like. This can be revealed by looking at the particular metaphors different management theories concentrate upon. Attention will be drawn to these in what follows, in the belief that this will help the novel approach of this book to link with knowledge that readers may already possess of management theory. To turn this the other way around, we could argue that our systemic metaphors allow us to draw upon the main visions of management and organisation
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