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< previous page page_5 next page > Page 5 which the intervention is taking place. Thus the familiar danger of mistaking the model for the reality is avoided. Systems thinking developed, therefore, as an alternative to mechanistic thinking, and proved itself more satisfactory for explaining not only complex biological but also social phenomena. As mentioned above, a recent and important shift in the use of the systems idea has seen it being employed not to refer to things in the world, but to systemically organised conceptions of the world. This is how the term "system" in this book should be read. We now present a general conception of "system" which can be used to think about the phenomena of the world, before moving on to giving that general conception differing contents, as a way of arriving at our range of systemic metaphors. 1.4 A General Conception of "System"
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As already stated, systems ideas were first developed, in their modern form, in the biological sciences, and this is
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