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< previous page page_6 next page > Page 6 Figure 1.1 A general conception of "system" measurements might be in terms of intensity, flow, strength). A system so described is separated by its designated boundary from its environment. It is termed an open system if the boundary is permeable and allows inputs from and outputs to the environment. A system is able to sustain an identity by maintaining itself in a dynamic steady state in the face of and using its changeable environment (we label this homeostasis). That does not mean that nothing is happening in the system; all the constituent parts may themselves have to adapt and/or change in the process of continuing essential transformation processes. A system that maintains an identity and stable transformation processes over time, in changing circumstances, is said
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to be exhibiting some form of control. Essential to this is the communication of information between the elements. A system can be
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Unformatted text preview: said to be purposive if it is carrying out a transformation, and is termed purposeful if its purpose is internally generated. A system stabilised by its control mechanisms, and possessing an identity, can be further understood through its emergent properties. These are properties relating to the whole system but not necessarily present in any of the parts. The term &quot;synergy&quot; refers to the increased value of parts working together as a whole. Emergent properties similarly arise where a complex interconnected network exhibits synergy such that &quot;the whole is greater than the sum of the parts&quot;. Systems are generally understood to occur in hierarchies, so that a system we are considering may also be considered as a sub-system of a wider system. And, if we &quot;blow up&quot; any of the parts of the system of concern, we may usefully conceive of them as sub-systems which exhibit &lt; previous page page_6 next page &gt;...
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page_6 - said to be purposive if it is carrying out a...

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