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< previous page page_10 next page > Page 10 idea remains, however, that of the organism or organisation as an "open system". This, in abstract, holds to the idea of a system as a complex network of elements and relationships that interact forming highly organised feedback loops, existing in an environment from which it draws inputs and to which it dispenses outputs. An "open system" is homeostatic in that there is serf-regulation (i.e. where a machinea closed systemsuffers from wear and tear, an open system is able to offset much of that degradation by importation of energy, allowing it to maintain a steady state). Survival and adaptability are other concepts that complement the "open system'' idea within the framework of the organic metaphor. When or why is the organic view useful in practice? When there is an open relationship with a changing environment.
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When there are needs to be satisfied in order to promote survival. To promote responsiveness
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page_10 - Page 10 idea...

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