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< previous page page_14 next page > Page 14 It may over-emphasise the need to handle political issues at the expense of other factors which are essential to organisational healthproper organisational structures, responding to market changes, etc. As we have seen the political metaphor, at a higher level of resolution, contains three different perspectivesunitary, pluralist and coercive. These perspectives themselves can be seen as resting upon metaphor; the unitary upon a "team" metaphor, the pluralist upon a "coalition" metaphor, and the coercive upon a ''prison" metaphor. We shall make further use of this in later sections and chapters. 1.10 Remarks on Metaphor The use of the idea of "likeness", as it is employed
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through metaphor, helps us to gain insight into difficult-to- understand phenomena or issues in terms of things that we are familiar with. In the quotation that heads this chapter, for example, we see how the ancient Chinese attempted to explain the creation of the earth in terms
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