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< previous page page_15 next page > Page 15 looking at an organisation as an organism best informs us of the issues in question (opportunities and constraints, difficulties and problems, organisational and environmental, etc.) then a methodology which assumes and operates as though organisations are like organisms should be chosen. We are arguing for the disciplined and systematic use of metaphor. The knowledge base from which we have drawn our metaphors is that of most relevance to managers and their advisers. Of course, many other ideas of likeness can be used and we certainly do not want to discourage this interest. We only suggest that what is done is understood in terms of the logic and process of Total Systems Intervention (see Chapter 3), and considered through the various frameworks developed and presented in this book. Before we pass on to Chapters 2 and 3 we want to explicate further the ideas of this chapter by examining the popular
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management philosophy called Total Quality Management
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