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< previous page page_16 next page > Page 16 1.11.2 Philosophy, Principles and Methodology of TQM There are two distinct but interlinked processes at work in TQM: to improve the quality of manufacturing and other business processes, and to develop the view that all employees have an individual responsibility for quality. The crucial concern for achieving quality focuses on improving customer serviceboth internally and externally. The advice from a finance to a sales department, for example, should be treated as a service to be considered (in terms of quality) in the same way that sales should deal with (as traditionally viewed) external customer services. This broad philosophy splits into two action areas of communication and control. (1) Communication has to be
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dealt with both externally and internally. (a) External communication with customers must be improved and maintained, so an organisation must raise the skills of those who deal with customers and improve their understanding of customer
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