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< previous page page_18 next page > Page 18 To define requirements, measurements and working relationships between the department and its customers. To identify the necessary activities of the department, to realise what is being done and why, and to assess whether each activity adds value to the product. Define projects means the department identifying projects that reflect the quality improvement plan. The projects must also sit within the organisation's mission or quality vision. Education and training then aims to develop an awareness and an understanding of quality through workshops at which the ideas are discussed and disseminated.
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The philosophy, principles and methodology of TQM, outlined above, are summarised in Figure 1.3. We shall now use our systemic metaphors, and the knowledge gained of their various strengths and weaknesses, to interrogate the TQM approach. 1.11.3 Creative Thinking about TQM We have been involved in specific consultancies working with Total Quality Management, and enhancing
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page_18 - Page 18 To define...

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