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page_22 next page > Page 22 number of systems metaphors. It should be noted that these metaphors are not mutually exclusive; for example the military can be seen through both a machine and a culture "filter" with revealing results. There are several advantages in using such metaphors to help us get to grips with messy situations and, if nothing else, they remind us that many so- called organisational "problems" are only consequences of the way we choose to conceptualise the situation. The contribution that we shall concern ourselves with now, however, is the use of metaphors in highlighting aspects of problem situations and the help they can thus give in guiding us to appropriate systems "problem-solving" methods. Consciously looking at a problem situation using different metaphors should help a manager in creative thinking. Hopefully it will help readers to make creative use of whatever knowledge they already possess of management theory in terms of the new systems ideas. Once it
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