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< previous page page_23 next page > Page 23 systemic metaphor and review the strengths and weaknesses of these strategies. 1.13.3 The Construction Industry in Singapore and the Role of the Board The industry is an important component of the national economy. It accounts for between 6% and 100f Singapore's Gross Domestic Product. The sector as a whole employs 95 000 people, or roughly 90f the total workforce. Because of the small labour pool in Singapore, one half of these workers come from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. A Government agency called the Construction Industry Development Board was set up under an Act of Parliament to improve the competitiveness and quality delivery capability
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of the construction sector in Singapore and to support the export of the country's construction services. The Board's policy formulation function involves much hard bargaining. To begin with, all policy proposals initiated by the Board have to be reviewed against the interests of various
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