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< previous page page_46 next page > Page 46 From this account it can be seen that we already have in place two of the three main building blocks of TSI. An appropriately rich array of systems metaphors was developed in Chapter 1 and the "system of systems methodologies" was constructed in the last chapter. It remains to detail and analyse the different systems methodologies themselves and this, of course, is the job of the later chapters of the book. TSI is itself, however, a methodology (or perhaps meta-methodology) in that it advocates combining the three building blocks (these three aspects of systems thinking) in an interactive manner which is deemed to be particularly powerful and fruitful. In this chapter the logic of the combination, and hence the TSI methodology or process itself, is explored theoretically. This is done in the same way as we intend looking at all the other methodologies. First the philosophy of TSI is unearthed, then the principles embedded in the approach
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