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< previous page page_47 next page > Page 47 can be seen as making its stand on three positions. These are "complementarism", "sociological awareness" and the promotion of "human well- being and emancipation". 3.2.2 Complementaris m The complementarist position in systems thinking is best set out in comparison to the prevailing "pragmatist" and "isolationist" arguments. Pragmatists argue that management scientists should not concern themselves with "airy-fairy" theoretical issues but concentrate on building up a "tool-kit" of techniques which have been shown to work in practice. This is a popular position among, for example, management consultants anxious to get the job done and keep the client happy. It neglects however to
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consider whether better results might be obtained if more theoretically guided interventions were made. It fails to recognise that learning can take place only if practice (successful or otherwise) can be related back to a set of theoretical presuppositions
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